The Philosophy

Coachella Shoot BW

It all started back in 2004, when John Beaver and Thomas Radman had the idea of bringing the feeling of Coachella to all of those who either couldn’t wait any longer, those who just couldn’t get enough or those who were unfortunate enough not to experience this festival first hand.

John Beaver & Thomas Radman have been involved in musical projects together since the late 90s. John concentrated on DJing and has built quite the career for himself ever since. Thomas went heavily into producing and has been running his own labels since 2009.
In 2004 they decided to combine their skills to record their first ever coachella mix and they haven’t stopped recording, mashing up and producing these mixes since!

The synergy just seems to fit and each year the production value increases even though Thomas has been living in Germany since 2012 while John continues his work from his California home base.

Feel free to contact either one of them. They’re always eager to talk about their projects, life and the meaning of it all 🙂